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What can YOU do to help? We at Smokewood Entertainment are committed to spreading the message and raising awareness about the Xavante Tribe. Together, through your donations and support, we can work to make a lasting difference. All proceeds go to rebuilding the environmental infrastructure that has been devastated due to deforestation from logging and pasture encroachment as well as supporting the civil development of the Xavante people.
alianca da terra

Aliança’s main objective is to fill a leadership vacuum left between the trenches of the environmental movement and the production sector. Aliança da Terra, in partnership with IPAM (Environmental Research Institute of the Amazon), one of the most respected scientific institutes in the Amazon, formed a socio-environmental registry, "CCS." Through the "CCS" land owners receive a complete environmental assessment of their properties in order to assist them with management decisions that bind production with conservation.


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Woods Hole Research Center

The Woods Hole Research Center addresses the great issues for a healthy planet through science, education, and policy.


We combine satellite remote sensing with field research to study, model, map, and monitor Earth’s chemistry and ecology, and we use this knowledge to address the planet’s great issues, including population, peace, poverty, disease, climate, water, and biodiversity. We work around the Earth, from local to global scales, including the Amazon and Cerrado of South America, the Congo Basin and East Africa, the high latitudes of North America and Eurasia, and across the United States. We are unique in the depth of our science capability in combination with our commitment to the environment.


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